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A Medicine Woman's Prayer


"I will not rescue you
for you are not powerless.
I will not fix you
for you are not broken
I will not heal you
for I see you in your wholeness.
I will walk with you
through your darkness
as you remember
your light." 

- Shiree Bliss Tisley



Hello! My name is Gianina and I am a Psychic Reiki and Holy Fire¬†Reiki¬ģ Practitioner, professionally trained Clairvoyant and Intuitive¬†Guide. The beautiful gifted little lady¬†beside¬†me in my photo is my daughter, Allana.¬†

As an Intuitive Guide, I create a sacred space through Spirit Guided Readings and Holy Fire Reiki¬ģ. My practice and journey is firmly rooted in the importance of fostering trust with self and Spirit to be able live a joyful life. I facilitate the nurturing of this beautiful relationship by connecting with your guides and loved ones, and channeling messages that empower you to live a truly joyful life.

Through our work together, I support you in your journey by connecting with loved ones in spirit, embracing and working with your inner child, looking at the Akashic Records, rediscovering your inner wisdom. This journey allows you to step into your authenticity and inner strength, ultimately leading to a deeper trust in yourself and truly trusting that all the answers are within you.


" I instantly felt the need to take care of myself and do things with love and passion" 


Cynthia, Los Angeles CA




" Working with Gianina was such an enlightening experience. We went through a myriad of emotions and ended feeling very peaceful " 

- Stacie, Torrance CA

"I am so grateful to have met Gianina. I went to her with an open mind and had an intuitive reading. For those who have never had one, don't worry because she will explain the process to you. Her energy puts you at ease and her insights are spot on! Some things will take a bit for you to connect the dots, so pay attention as things unfold!"

 Shannon, Torrance, CA

"Gianina brought me peace to my heavy heavy heart after losing my husband. She is kind, caring and professional. She captured my husband's personality and essence. His words and messages are exactly what I needed but even more so I felt his presence due to her incredible abilities. Much Gratitude and Love!"

- Lyn, Gardena CA

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